Insurance Factory gives the opportunity for innovative and creative STARTUPS to show ideas and solutions for the insurance industry.

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  • It is important to support ideas and creativity
  • It should motivate STARTUPS to cooperate with insurance companies

Your Mentoring Partner are:

1. Your benefits, if you are nominated and attending INSURY STARTUP AWARD

  • Organized One2One Talk with Insurers – your special mentoring program during MOI Insurance Innovation Day
  • By media cooperation more publicity during and after the Event
  • A very nice trophy for your memory remembrance

2. Who should participate?

  • STARTUPS from around the world – funded after 01.01.2013
  • STARTUPS which have developed an innovative solution for an insurance industry

3. Categories

  • TECHNOLOGY / Blockchain, Chatbot, AR, AI, IoT etc

4. Criteria

  • Each STARTUP can apply with max.1 project. Apply online between 1st of March – 31st of Mai 2018
  • For each category 3 STARTUPS will be nominated for the award
  • All nominated STARTUPS have to participate on the Insurance Innovation Day 2018 in Vienna
  • The winner of the Award will be presented on 19.09.2018 from 7 p.m/CET

5. Assessment

STARTUPS have to send an application to Insurance Factory Online.

The STARTUP with the most points will win the award in its category.

If 2 or more STARTUPS have the same result, the Chairman of the Jury will elect the winner by 30.06.2018.

6. Award Show

On 19.09.2018 during the Insurance Innovation Day 2018 the awards for each category will be announced.

In each category 2 person from each of the 3 nominated STARTUPS, will be invited to the Insurance Innovation Day and Dinner.

Advisory Board - Jury

Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg

  • Germany
  • Academic Director Insurance
  • President of Advisory Board

Dr. Robin Kiera

  • Germany
  • Digitalscouting
  • Digital Transformation Expert

Erika Krizsan

  • Austria
  • Insurance Factory
  • Managing Director

Frank Genheimer

  • Switzerland
  • New Insurance Business
  • CEO

Florian Graillot

  • Paris Area, France
  • Partner at

Andrea Silvello

  • Italy
  • Neosurance
  • Co-founder

Pierre Suhrcke

  • London / Hongkong
  • Venture Capital
  • Managing Partner

Ralph Brand

  • Germany
  • LAB25
  • Co-Founder

Judith Iglehart, Ed.D

  • USA
  • SAYJ Global Partners
  • President, International

Matteo Carbone

  • Italy
  • Connected Insurance Observatory
  • CEO

Cees Werff

  • Netherlande
  • Claims Corporation Network B.V
  • CEO

Alexander Fries

  • USA
  • PolitechEcosystem Ventures
  • General Partner

Timo Dreger

  • Germany
  • Coparion
  • Investment Manager

Mckevin Ayaba

  • South Africa
  • Southern Africa Startup Awards
  • CEO

Péter Kovács

  • Hungary
  • xLaboratories
  • Co-Founder & Head of Friendships

Gabrielle Costigan

  • Austria
  • weXelerate
  • Managing Director

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